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Suggested Forms
The forms included in the LPAC Framework are samples for districts to use for the implementation of a bilingual/ESL program. Suggested forms are provided in fillable PDF only. Please check with your district with regards to these suggested forms prior to use.
To ensure your data is saved, download the form to your desktop before entering information.
The Introduction section addresses the purpose, membership, and responsibilities of the language proficiency assessment committee (LPAC) and the organization of the framework and resources that support it.
The Identification section addresses timelines, procedures, assessment practices, and decision-making processes for identifying English learners.
The Placement section addresses the rights of parents regarding the process of identification and placement, benefits of program services, and approval for program participation.
English Learner Services
The English Learner Services section addresses the four state-approved bilingual program models and the two state-approved ESL program models, staffing requirements, and procedures for filing a bilingual exception or an ESL waiver.
Review and Reclassification
The Review and Reclassification section addresses the requirements for conducting ongoing and annual review of English learner progress and the criteria for reclassification of students as English proficient.
Monitoring and Evaluation
The Monitoring and Evaluation section addresses the differences between state and federal monitoring requirements for reclassified students and outlines key elements of the annual program evaluation.