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Welcome to TXEL Portal’s Teacher Classroom

The purpose of the Teacher Classroom is to provide educators with easily accessible, beneficial resources so they may focus on creating the best learning environment possible for their students.

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Newcomer Tool of the Month

  Calling all new educators! Please access our Newcomer   Tool of   the Month page to explore our selected resource   for the month of March. Learn in depth about the   resource   highlighted and discover ways to implement it   into your   classroom as you see fit.

  Date: 3.4.23

Introducing New Teacher Workroom Website

  Introducing New Teacher Workroom Website A new   website has been created to meet the daily needs of   educators. From time keeping tools to procedure and   planning resources, we have provided an assortment of   exceptional applications to utilize. Provide us with feedback   and suggestions for more resources today!

  Date: 3.1.23