This website will assist Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and Fiscal Agent Title III staff with increasing and strengthening the family, parent, and community engagement activities offered to improve the English language skills of English learners, and to assist parents and families in helping their children to improve their academic achievement and in becoming active participants in the education of their children.

Families Served by Multiple Funding Sources

Families that you support may be served by multiple funding sources. Although this site will focus primarily on Title III funding requirements, the engagement activities included are for any LEA who would like to increase and strengthen parent, family, or community engagement efforts.

Intersection of Title III, Title I, and IDEA is Families

The graphics below provide an overview of supplemental engagement activities under parent, family, and community engagement. 

Engagement Activities

Title III Engagement Resources for
In-Person and Virtual Events

Check out an extended list of successful parent, family, and community engagement events both in person and virtual.

Parent Virtual Event One Pagers
Family Virtual Event One Pagers
Community Virtual Event One Pagers

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