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What are parent outreach and trainings?

Parent outreach and training provides parents with the skills, activities, and training needed to improve their English language skills and become more active participants in their child's education. These services enhance the academic achievement of English learners and immigrant students.

Examples of parent outreach and training at the LEA, campus, or ESC (Fiscal Agent) level:

Parent outreach and training activities specific to English learners may include:

  • Hosting cultural events at a location that is convenient and comfortable for families in your area.
    • Tell Your Language Story. This engagement event allows parents to share their stories about their language journey.
      • Parents prepare presentations that describe how their language is tied to their culture.
      • For parents who are unable to attend, they can record their story via technology or write their story to be shared.

Parent trainings to increase English language skills, academic performance, and become active participants in the education of their children. Training may address:

  • Increasing awareness of educational resources available to empower them to advocate for their child’s learning
    • Resource Roundup. This engagement event can offer parent information sessions to showcase different programs and services such assessment data like TELPAS, STAAR,
    • Computers/ tablets can be available for parents to practice accessing these resources.
    • For parents who are unable to attend, a copy of the resources can be sent home with a log for parents to track their use of the resources. The log should be returned to the child’s teacher with any parent feedback. For strategies on how to host this event virtually: Virtual Resource Roundup
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