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Welcome to the Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) site designed to provide you with information and resources about the policies, processes, programs, and supports to help emergent bilingual students improve their academic achievement.

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New Document Published
Make sure to use theBeginning-of-year LPAC Checklist to ensure that the LEA/campus is in compliance.You can find this document under the Frequently Used Resources menu option.
Announcement 8/12/22

New Document Published -
Guidance on Identification and Reclassification of Dual-Identified Students Please review the step by step LPAC and ARD Committee Collaboration Guidance .
Announcement 7/6/22

Reclassification Chart
Make sure to use the Reclassification chart during the End of Year LPAC found under the Frequently Used Resources and Identification / Reclassification section.
Announcement 6/15/22

LPAC Website Update
To meet the needs of LPAC members, the website will be updated with improved organization.
Announcement 5/31/22

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