Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy
Register for a virtual event on September 27, 2022 to receive the latest developments in emergent bilingual supports and build netweorks with other school leaders across Texas.

Content-Based Language Instruction - Logo

Content-Based Language Instruction (CBLI) Quick Guide
Learn about an integrated approach to language instruction in which language is developed within the context of content delivery.

Opportunities for Immigrant Students - Logo

Enhancing Instructional Opportunities for Immigrant Students
This course details how to welcome, enroll, and instruct immigrant children while ensuring an appropriate use of Title III funds.

Graduation Toolkit - Logo

Graduation Toolkit
Learn how high school students can gain endorsements and experience to prepare them for future careers.
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Community Partnerships - Logo

Community Partnerships
Learn about initiatives taken to improve education outcomes for children from struggling communities.

SPEDTex Logo

Special Education Information Center
SPEDTex provides resources & interactive features for increasing family awareness of disabilities & special education processes, with the goal of improving partnerships between schools and families.

Early Childhood for Texas - Logo

Early Childhood Texas Resources for Parents & Families
Find out about grants for students served by special education whose education has been impacted by Covid-19 school closures.

Foster Care and Student Success - Logo

Foster Care & Student Success: Resource Guide
This resource supports Texas schools in addressing the education of students in foster care and provides tips, resources, collaborations, and information about laws and policies.

LPAC Web Training - Logo

LPAC Web Training
Learn about the purpose and responsibilities of the language proficiency assessment committee (LPAC) in support of emergent bilingual students.

Supplemental Special Education Services - Logo

Supplemental Special Education Services
Find out about grants for students served by special education whose education has been impacted by Covid-19 school closures.

5 Instructional Methods - Logo

5 Instructional Methods
Learn about methods of instruction are central to supporting emergent bilingual students in any learning environment and are particularly vital to reinforce during remote instruction.

GT Resources - Logo

GT Resources for Families and Educators
Learn more about tools and resources for equitable representation of student populations in G/T Programs.

TEA Connect Texas - Logo

TEA Connect Texas
If your child is struggling to complete homework due to lack of high-speed internet, visit this site to sign up for a home-based broadband internet access.

Texas Home Learning - Logo

Texas Home Learning
Get access to high quality instructional materials in virtual, in-person, and hybrid settings with professional learning and technology supports for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

Inclusion in Texas - Logo

Inclusion in Texas
Find Specifically Designed Instruction (SDI) Field User Guides to connect Individualized Education Programs (IEP) and instructional content and serve as a support for both general and special educators.