Resources and tools by category designed specifically for LEA administrators and campus leaders to stay up to date on the latest legislative changes and TEA updates.

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The following resources are provided to support school leaders with information necessary to understanding the demographics and statistics regarding their campuses and how best to support them.

Leadership Connection Video Library

Accessible Instructional Materials Introduction and Basic Information (AIM)
HQPK Curriculum :
2021-2022 ESSA Consolidated Application Training
Completing the CSSRA ESSER II Application Training
2021-2022 Grants to Schools Webinar #2
Ed-Flex School-wide Eligibility Waiver
Foster Care and Student Success Guide
Highly Mobile and At-Risk Program Division Webinar
McKinney-Vento 101 Webinar
Highly Mobile and At-Risk Program Division Webinar
Human Trafficking Prevention and Awareness Webinar
Requirements and Legislation on Human Trafficking
McKinney-Vento 101
Support for Seniors and Youth Experiencing Homelessness
Foster Care 101
Highly Mobile and At-Risk Student Programs Division Webinar
Highly Mobile and At-Risk Student Programs Division Webinar
Highly Mobile and At-Risk Student Programs Division Webinar
CTE Program of Study Mapping Application
Understanding the 2021 CCMR Tracker
Utilizing the 2021 CCMR Verifier
SPED Directors Webinar
SPED Operations Procedure Requirements Overview
General TEA Updates
Dyslexia Handbook Changes Overview Webinar
Prekindergarten Program Requirements
High-Quality Prekindergarten Components: Teacher to Student Ratio
Aiming for Higher Quality in Prekindergarten
High-Quality Prekindergarten Components: Curriculum
High-Quality Prekindergarten Components: Family Engagement
High-Quality Prekindergarten Components: Progress Monitoring
High-Quality Prekindergarten Components: Program Evaluation
Early Childhood Education
Federal Program Compliance
SB 15: Best Practices for Synchronous Instruction
SB 15: Supporting Asynchronous Learning
SB 15:Virtual and Hybrid Program Accelerator
Requirements and Legislation on Human Trafficking
House Bill 4545
K-5 Math Supports for Parents
Support Students Reading
Systems of Great Schools Summit
Dyslexia Monitoring Overview
Results Driven Accountability
Review and Support Continuous Improvement Overview
BE/ESL/OSP Self-Assessment Overview

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