In order to support educators to gain certification in Bilingual certification, the Texas Education Agency has created the following free preparation resources for Texas educators seeking Bilingual certification in order to build capacity in their Local Education Agency (LEA). Be sure to share these resources with others through the bilingual certification flyer.

The resources below are designed to equip educators with supports in preparation for the bilingual education supplemental 164 exam as well as prepare educators to serve emergent bilingual students in the classroom.

164 TExES - Bilingual Education Supplemental

Vietnamese Connections support for teachers preparing to take the Bilingual Vietnamese Oral Proficiency Interview, ACTFL and the Bilingual Vietnamese Writing Proficiency Test.

164 Bilingual Education Supplemental Vietnamese

The resources for the 190 Bilingual Target Proficiency Test engage the participant in a hybrid model of instruction which includes the opportunity to participate in activities with peers to enhance their understanding and skill set for Listening Comprehension, Oral Expression, Reading Comprehension, and Written Expression.

190 TExES - Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test

This self-assessment is designed to help potential cohort participants gauge their approximate level of general academic Spanish language proficiency before they enroll in the 190 preparation class. The goal is for participants to self-assess if they can effectively benefit from this preparation class and make informed decisions about next steps if they are not ready.