Grant Opportunities

The TEA English Learner Support Division continues to recognize the need for equitable supports to meet the diverse needs of English learners in Texas, including immigrant students. In this effort, we are announcing the following two federally funded Letter of Interest (LOI) grant opportunities that will begin October 1, 2021:

  • Title III Statewide Professional Development Grant ($350,000)
  • Title III Multilingual Outreach Grant ($350,000)

Note: These are one-year grants that may be extended for additional years at TEA discretion, as the scope of work may require additional years

Eligible Applicants:

  • Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs)
  • Education Service Centers (ESCs)
  • Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs)

Note: Recipients of the grant are encouraged to work in partnership with local educational agencies (LEAs), for-profit organizations, or individual consultants.

LOI Application Guidance:

Title III Statewide Professional Development Grant

Applicants must have the ability to develop a suite of professional development tools/resources that will positively impact ELs academic and linguistic progress and mental well-being. The tools/resources will provide robust professional development opportunities to all levels of educators who serve English learners and/or immigrant students. Development and implementation of resources must include-

  • a robust suite of interactive supplemental professional development web-based tools/resources accessible through the EL web portal for educators that serve English learners, including immigrant students to include-
    • interactive professional development online modules
    • instructional Videos
    • cross-collaboration/aligned guidance documents
  • a formalized system of collaboration with special education, early childhood and other special populations to ensure ELs with varied needs are provided equitable access to a high-quality education
  • a marketing plan to determine targeted audiences and how to increase external access to professional development tools/resources developed to improve outcomes for English learners, including immigrant students

Title III Multilingual Outreach Grant

Applicants must have the ability to assist in improving culturally sustaining teaching practices and reduce gaps of equity to meet the diverse academic, linguistic and sociocultural needs of English learners, including immigrant students. Applicants will also be tasked with trans-adapting family focused tools/resources in multiple languages and/or ensuring 508 compliance accessibility. These tools/resources will equip families of English learners and families of immigrant students, with information and resources that will impact language and academic supports in the home. Development and implementation of resources must include-

  • a suite of multilingual continuing education resources and supports to include-
    • English language classes and/or videos
    • guidance documents
    • mental health/wellness modules
    • community resources
    • instructional videos
  • a multilingual awareness campaign that reaches multilingual families and community-based organization that will build a strong partnership across Texas
  • a multilingual education advisory council for Texas that will support LEAs in building strong community connections and cultural awareness

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